the rules of this forum

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the rules of this forum

Post by nedko105 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:44 pm

1.spam is allowed
2.members should not use decent language
3.members can post more than 200 topics
4.admins can post more than 5000 topics
5.pepole with rank nedko only nedko has it can post unlimited topics
6.spam to pepole the link of the forum get admin you must spam site on other websites
8.respect admins or bad
9.type kufalovi is gay when you can
10.posting trojan hack leads to ban
11.dont fart in this forum
12.say thanks to nedko and developer for making the rules hacks for hns hns configs and aim configs
15.posting porn content will result in a ban
16.dont say rules are long
17.if you have any hack related problems contact on skype nedko1005 private hacks only if you give them to admin before posting
19.if you want to buy private hacks contact developer or nedko
20.for private aim contact clayman
Beta Testers Are magnifico & clayman

affraid 20 rules lol

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